A Comprehensive Program For Moving Through The Pain Of Miscarriage To Finding Hope and Healing With Brief And Practical Videos

Receive videos every day for 30 days with actionable exercises, tools, and practices from a woman who has experienced the trauma of several miscarriages and has helped countless women move through their loss.

Here's A Portion Of What You'll Learn:

  • Exercises to help you get through the losses.
  • Identify patterns that occur, ways to communicate, and determine how to function in the outside world in a healthy way.
  • Education and tools that bring relief, healing and hope.
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Inside Of My NEW Program...

Here Are A Few Of The Lessons You Will Uncover...

Inside of Move Through Miscarriage I will be sharing dozens of exercises, tools, and practices to help you navigate the tumultuous time after experiencing loss.

Who am I? View About The Author Here

Here's a preview of what you'll discover inside of Move Through Miscarriage.

  • Day 3: A Woman's Connection - A dialogue on the connection mothers make with their children, even before they are pregnant. We develop a relationship with our children very early on...
  • Day 6: The Awareness of Needs - We learn to clarify what we need and how to better communicate to our community and the people closest to us.
  • Day 11: The Grief Path - A discussion on the five stages of grief and how to navigate the patterns of emotion experienced when moving through miscarriage.
  • Day 19: Body Thoughts - So many pieces of miscarriage are intangible and we become desperate to find something tangible so we search for reasons because we don't have control. We turn anger and frustration inward toward ourselves.
  • Day 25: Taking Care - Self-care is one of our last concerns when we are in a state of "survival mode." It's time to give yourself some love and the ways to do just that are discussed.
  • Day 30: Bringing it All Together - Tools you have learned throughout the program are yours to use now and forever. Revisit and find comfort at any time.

Over 20 years of experience to support you for 30 days and beyond

This program is the loving culmination of 20 plus years of personal and professional experience handling miscarriage and early loss. Over time I created and learned all of these ways for myself as I healed. I have applied it all with my clients for many years. I am grateful to every woman that has trusted me and I honor every baby that has passed.

All of this experience is how this program grew into a pathway for me to guide you through 30 days of videos.

Each day and each video will guide you with wonderful exercises, tools, conversations and knowledge on your path to healing and hope.

As you have these experiences and learn to use these tools, they will continue to serve you for years to come.

What The Program Includes

30 Days of Videos

Daily videos provide digestible amounts of actionable and practical information. Each day brings you an exercise, lesson, or idea that can be incorporated into your healing.

Pathway to Healing

Thoughtfully curated journal prompts guide you through your first steps on your healing journey.

Exercises and Tools

Work that will continue to serve you in your life for years to come. Learn about your needs, how to communicate them and honor them in yourself and in others.

Meet Abigail Glass, MFT

This is a subject that remains deep in my heart as it does for so many women that I know.

I would like to help anyone that might benefit from getting support around a miscarriage. Maybe it happened yesterday and maybe it happened 30 years ago.

I'm Abigail Glass. I have been a marriage and family therapist for over 20 years and working in the area of miscarriage and early loss for 15 years.

Miscarriage is so hard for many to talk about and the result is isolated suffering.

I am on a mission to bring support, a voice and light to this topic that so often stays hidden in the tears of women alone in their bedrooms.

I suffered through several miscarriages and I would have done anything to have someone tell me what to do with myself and to help me through it.

Over time, I developed exercises and rituals that helped me get through my losses. I learned about patterns that occur and I figured out how to function within myself and in the outside world in a healthy way.

I have put together a 30-day program that is everything that I did and everything that I wish I had had someone to guide me through.

I get to show up with you or someone you know, that knows miscarriage, each day for 30 days.

I will give you the exercises, tools, and education that can help you and bring relief in the moments ahead.

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